Usage-Driven GPZ Sites can be established anywhere within the 39-county service area and are designated for a company ready to pursue FTZ activity. The designation is tied to a specific company and is limited to the space needed by the company for zone activities. These sites allow the FTZ program to be flexible in accommodating firms that cannot move to Magnet Sites. A short application is required to establish the site; the Foreign-Trade Zones Board takes 30-45 days to process these applications.

Although manufacturing and processing activities can occur within these sites, the most common activities involve warehousing and distribution. Manufacturing and processing activities require the firm to file a separate, detailed application with the Foreign-Trade Zones Board for authorization. Manufacturing applications under ASF will typically take 6-8 months to process if no case issues arise and must demonstrate a significant public benefit

Please utilize our interactive map to view the counties in Indiana that have elected to have entitlement to the ASF designation and access to the FTZ program.

Usage-Driven Sites

Site Name Site Category Acreage within
Site Boundaries
9 FullBeauty Brands, L.P. Usage-Driven 2300 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46201
10 FullBeauty Brands, L.P. Usage-Driven 2300 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46201
11 Sentry Biopharma Services Usage-Driven 4605 Decatur Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46241
15 MD Logistics, Inc. Usage-Driven 1301 Perry Road, Plainfield, IN 46168
16 SMC Corporation of America Usage-Driven 10100 SMC Boulevard, Noblesville , IN 46060
17 OHL Contract Logistics, LLC Usage-Driven 2425 East Perry Road, Plainfield, IN 46168
18 D.B. Schenker, Inc. Usage-Driven 2375 Hadley Road, Plainfield, IN 46168
19 Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Usage-Driven 5075 West 74th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46268
21 ZPS America, LLC Usage-Driven 4590 West 79th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46268
22 LifeScience Logistics, LLC Usage-Driven 1105 East Northfield Drive, Brownsburg, IN 46112
23 HDM Logistic Center Usage-Driven 5250 West 76th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46268