Includes any individual, corporation, or entity.

Port of Entry:

A port of entry in the United States, as defined by part 101 of the regulations of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (19 CFR part 101), or a user fee airport authorized under 19 U.S.C. 58b and listed in part 122 of the regulations of CBP (19 CFR part 122).

Privileged Foreign (PF) Status:

One of the customs categories of foreign status merchandise (See 19 CFR 146.41). Such merchandise maintains its status based on its condition when it was admitted to the zone. Thus, when the merchandise is shipped from the zone to the U.S. market and entered for consumption by CBP, it is evaluated based on the time-of-admission condition even though it may have undergone a transformation in the zone.


Activity involving the substantial transformation of a foreign article resulting in a new and different article having a different name, character, and use, or activity involving a change in the condition of the article which results in a change in the customs classification of the article or in its eligibility for entry for consumption.