A foreign-trade zone (see above) established under the provisions of the FTZ Act and regulations. The term also includes subzones, unless the context indicates otherwise.

Zone Grantee:

The corporate recipient of a grant of authority for a zone project. The term “grantee” means “zone grantee” unless otherwise indicated.

Zone Operator:

A corporation, partnership, or person that operates a zone or subzone under the terms of an agreement with the zone grantee (or third party on behalf of the grantee) with the concurrence of the Port Director of CBP.

Zone Restricted Status:

Merchandise in this status is to be exported or destroyed. Zone-restricted status merchandise can be entered into U.S. customs territory only if the FTZ Board finds that entry would be in the public interest.

Zone Schedule:

To be kept by the zone grantee, the zone schedule includes the internal rules and regulations of the zone, as well as a statement of the rates and fees charged to zone users.

Zone Site (Site):

A physical location of a zone or subzone. A site is composed of one or more generally contiguous parcels of land organized and functioning as an integrated unit, such as all or part of an industrial park or airport facility.

Zone Status:

Merchandise can enter the zone in either domestic or foreign status. Domestic status can include foreign status goods where the duty has been paid and the goods entered for consumption. Foreign status includes privileged foreign, nonprivileged foreign and zone-restricted status.

Zone User:

A party using a zone under agreement with a zone operator.